Yoga Means Union

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Yoga is an ancient practice that has influenced me for many years. I continue to play with hatha yoga, explore breath and work my way into asana while avoiding injury. The practice was first a means of helping my body deal with the physical pain that came from poor alignment after being hit by a drunk driver. Over time the practice is fun, challenging, playful, serious, spiritual and every shade in between.

I’ve been so busy lately I’ve had little time for a practice. I found myself with some space tonight, lit candles to warm the studio then worked my way through some poses while watching my breath. That is to say, I slow down my respiration, breathe through my nose purposefully and allow the breath and body to merge into each other. You’re joining the body and breath to then access the mind and spirit.

In the space of a minute my emotions could go from tears to a smile that permeates everything. There have been so many challenges in the past 14 years since that accident. The one thing I never lost was the belief that life was what I made it. I decided to get better. Excuse me if I smile uncontrollably or shed a tear when I consider what life has given me.