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The Beginners Mind

Beginner’s Mind

I've spent many years teaching and slamming up against intellectual…
In person classes are dead

In Person Classes are Dead

Now before you have an emotional response to that, give me just…

How Do I Get Started With Thai Massage

I get regular phone calls and social media contacts from students…

Lomilomi Massage in Austin Texas

Jason Bratcher is a colleague and friend that I wanted to interview…

Why Reboot™

I had a phone conversation with a colleague and he insisted that…

Why Study Thai Massage with Robert Gardner?

Occasionally I get phone calls or emails from potential students…

What is Thai Massage?

What Is Thai Massage? I used to think I knew. At least I thought…

Home Remedies For Carpal Tunnel

Over the years I thought I had carpal tunnel syndrome several…

Keep Going

I spent 6 years in central Texas without ever receiving another…

Want To Get Better?

As I'm finishing writing the Table Thai workbook I'm amazed at…

Without a Net

Someone asked me the other day what I do in a 2 hour session.…