Looking Back

We’ve had many new students recently and also many new followers to our social media. As we just passed two years posting to the blog I want to post some occasional looking back posts. These will highlight blog posts from the past that I’ve enjoyed and show those who’re new what may be hiding in the blog.

Having my own space on the internet has allowed me a soapbox. Being able to share what I love and change the world with my joy is great. Thai massage is blooming. Here’s a post where my work started to come together. Simple videos showing easy to use techniques to work on people.
Austin Thai massage

Thai massage neck pt. 2

Here is another technique for accessing the levator scapulae and muscles along either side of the neck. You minimize hand work and effectively stretch the cervical musculature. This combined with the previous video make for a solid Thai massage for the neck.

People with headaches, neck pain, upper back pain and excess tension in their neck and shoulders can benefit from these techniques. Share them with family and friends.

Thai massage for the neck

This is a simple, easy to use Thai massage technique for family and friends. Those who just took my Thai massage class around Austin will notice that this is done seated. We learn the seated series in the Thai massage certification track. You’re pressing into the posterior neck muscles and those with headaches, TMJ dysfunction or chronic neck pain will love you for doing this to them. Try it at a party around Austin, you’ll make many friends.