Camera and Tripods

Cameras and Tripods

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This is a detailed list and growing daily. This is the exact equipment that I use to run my business. I’m heavy on video production and currently run 4 cameras simultaneously through my computer to do livestreams to a growing roster of students. It’s some of the most cutting edge education in the massage industry and shows no signs of stopping.

I formerly had a Lumix but a friend suggested this Sony A7 II camera for my ongoing use. I currently use 4 of these for my multicam livestreams. The batteries on these work fine but you must charge the battery inside the camera as there’s no external charger. Because I stream for prolonged periods of time at up to 6 hours a day I needed a consistent power supply and it’s why I keep the batteries charged but use a wired power supply listed below.

The wired power supply is a key piece of equipment since I don’t have to worry about switching out batteries while I’m streaming.

I’ve tried some other microphones but the Sennheiser AVX Digital Wireless Microphone System – ME2 Lavalier Set is top notch. I used this to record all of my subscription service and class videos and just recently purchased a second one since the first was 8 years old. Really solid sound, very little issues and easily rechargeable. I can easily get 3-4 hours of a video shoot without a recharge.

These can plug directly into your camera or in my case now my computer via some additional equipment. For this post I’m going to isolate the cameras and mounts/tripods then have a post with the computer and additional audio equipment.

I have 4 MACTREM Professional Camera Tripod DSLR Tripod for Travel, Super Lightweight and Reliable Sturdy, Ball Head Tripod Detachable Monopod with Phone Mount Carry Bag, 21.5″ to 62.5″, 33lb Load. I’ve had a few with some plastic pieces on the legs that have broken (likely after years of use in my case) but have found these to be really solid for regular use.

Make sure your order includes a phone holder. That’s ideal for social media and you can plug your sennheisser microphone into most android phones (not sure about iphones) to get lavalier quality audio.

Self explanatory but between cameras, phones and my modem router I needed a place to charge things. The usb plugs are nice if clients need to charge their phones while we work. 2 Pack Surge Protector Power Strip with 6 Outlets 2 USB Ports 5-Foot Long Heavy-Duty Braided Extension Cords Flat Plug 900 Joules 15A Circuit Breaker Wall Mount for Home Office ETL Listed

I’m not moving to mounted cameras on my walls for ease of access and putting wires on the ceiling. My studio is currently covered in wires and this will be the easiest way to get the camera angles I need with things out of the way. A few of the cameras will be placed in positions where I can easily move them or put them on a tripod if I need to switch angles.

These are heavy solid mounts that I’ll use sheetrock anchors to secure to the walls to hold camera weight. You can find less pricey but as they hold pricey cameras I didn’t want to skimp on these. Wall-Mounted Camera Support with Ball Head

I don’t have a favorite yet for these but I’ll let you know if I decide later. I bought several to try them out and see if one gave me more ease and functionality for unlocking the camera to move them around while filming. Both can be attached to the 1/4″ thread on the camera mounts.

Neewer Aluminum Alloy Quick Shoe Plate Adapter with 1/4 3/8 inches Screw for DSLR Camera Camcorder Tripod Monopod, Compatible with Manfrotto 501HDV 503HDV 701HDV 577/519/561/Q5

Camera Quick Release Plate, FALCAM F38 Quick Release System QR Plate Camera Tripod Mount Adapter for Canon/Sony Cameras/Zhiyun/Feiyu/DJI Switch Between Stablizer/Tripod/Monopod/Slider/

The computer itself then additional audio equipment is under another post. To be clear I have 4 cameras, 4 battery packs to make them wired, 4 tripods, 4 mounts etc. Anything you do once you’ll need to do for every additional camera you use.

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