What is this

What is this?

I’ve been having intense conversations about brand, curriculum development, marketing and creating funnels to onboard students into my programs and offerings. I’d hit a new plateau and then out of the blue having a conversation with a friend I realized I don’t Really do 50% of what I know how just out of societal convention.

Everyone needs a box. A safe comfortable way things are done. I mainly at this stage teach massage therapists but as I grow you’ll hear murmurs about, “this isn’t massage.” I take these casually asking usually, “what is massage” in response but answering questions with questions is what got Socrates put to death. #corruptingtheyouth

I realized Very clearly that my situation used to be different. I had a home studio where I taught yoga classes and students came in and I asked where they were having issues. Upper back and neck?

Ok grab a foam roller a few blankets and let’s get to work. I essentially could recreate this at any yoga studio in Austin. There’s no Real vinyasa. It’s not Working out. It’s just taking care of our bodies breathing and creating space for our souls to permeate our flesh suits. Every student loved this. They always told me it was So Different than any yoga class they’d taken before and honestly because there was no pressure to perform this way or that and make it more mainstream I just did my thing.

In a space of freedom I was free.

Recently a yoga teacher and studio owner I know was looking for a teacher and I wrote her just to chat and feel out the situation. Though I offered what I do it was pretty clear that though I could take a job, I wouldn’t obey rules I couldn’t be confined and in a sea of vinyasa I’d just improvise curriculum live based on student needs.

I was politely turned away. 🙂

Now, given that I can do something akin to yoga therapy on steroids. The fact that I think we could easily charge $60-$100 for a 90 minute “class” with me for up to say 10 students, who wants to offer these in Austin? Contact me.

There needs to be more weird in this city. #rulebreakers shall inherit the earth <3