Thai Fisherman Pants, Shea Butter & Thai Foot Sticks

Thai Fisherman Pants, Shea Butter & Thai Foot Sticks

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Years ago I started wearing these since it gave an air of dressing different since I did something different. I was teased on youtube and other places for my “weird pants” but over time these have grown in popularity. I’ve listed different purveyors below on Amazon that I buy these from.

I have a tendency to buy a single pair from a seller then if I like the style fabric etc. I’ll go back and buy multiple colors in the same size as the ones I like. As with all things your mileage may vary. 🙂

These are nearly perfect for our practices. Different dress says we do different work. If you’re dedicated to a mat based practice this is a good way to make yourself stand out. Cotton is warm in winter and cool in summer. I find these for my climate in Austin Texas to be year round wear for a casual attire.

I don’t use lots of oils creams or lubricants. The big divergence is in abdominal work where I use coconut oil and in Thai style foot massage where I use shea butter. The shea is thick with some grip to it and it’s amazing stuff not just for clients but for our feet. If you find your feet are dry or cracked, you can slather this on after a good shower and before bed. Put on socks for the night and this stuff is very hydrating making the feet soft. It’s also an all natural product much like the coconut oil.

Thai foot sticks and tools will save your hands if you’re doing deep work on the feet. I don’t recommend using just your fingers to deliver pressure.

This tool is my favorite for an extended foot session. The curves allow it to fit in my hands in various ways that make the foot work easy to use.

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