Home Remedies For Carpal Tunnel

Over the years I thought I had carpal tunnel syndrome several times. As a massage therapist who uses my hands I place pressure on my wrists repeatedly each day while trying to help clients. I needed a home remedy for carpal tunnel much like my clients do. My practice grew and I knew not only that I did not have carpal tunnel but many of my clients didn’t either. Many, including myself, just suffer from trigger point pain in the muscles of the forearms.

Sound too simple? It does I admit. I get paid to help others and most of what I’ve learned has come from helping myself. If I can work on clients all day and be fine, you can be too. Musician with hand pain? Mechanic with what feels like arthritis? Knitter who’s afraid you’ll have to stop your favorite hobby? Not if I have anything to do with it.

Robert Gardner Wellness Home Remedies For Carpal Tunnel

The forearm flexors pull the hand in towards the inside of the elbow, the forearm extensors, extend the hands the opposite direction. When these small muscles are overworked they send pain down into the hand, wrist and fingers. I’ve seen this so many times that someone can tell me where they hurt and I work on those specific muscles. 30 minutes later clients look at me like how did you know that? I usually laugh and tell them I had to keep working and I figured it out for myself first.

Schedule a session with me and lets get those symptoms to go away. There’s no need to be in pain when help is available. If you’re not able to see me you can lean into a tennis ball on the outside of your forearm, near the elbow. It’s usually easiest to use a sturdy wall and place your arm at your side. Find a spot dead center on the outside of your forearm to press into. Lean in slowly and breathe. If you start to feel sensation, pain or light tingling in the hand, you’re on the right track.

A recent client reported they were at an 8 on a pain scale out of 10, 10 being the hospital. After a single session his look of awe told me everything. “How’s the pain now?” He responded shocked shaking his arm out, “A 2.” After several sessions he’d not seen me in a month and reported that it never goes past a 3 now. No surgery. No medications.

Let’s make carpal tunnel history.