Neck Pain Relief Techniques At Home

Many people I see have ongoing issues with their neck and I’ve developed easy to use stuff even I use at home to help myself between massage sessions. These in no way replace seeing a professional but I think they work best with regular massage as maintenance. If you have a foam roll at home try this.

Headache issues are also a constant complaint and tension headaches seem to have involvement from many posterior neck muscles including the suboccipitals. The top of the neck connects to the two top neck vertebrae from these muscles and this broad compression is an easy way to access a broad swathe of muscles that may be giving you challenges.

Go slow and breathe. Check out the blog post on upper back pain as well. Many issues through the neck and upper back are connected.

Upper Back Pain Relief

Upper back pain and neck issues are a constant that massage therapists see in their offices. In addition to the soft tissue work I do I assist clients by giving them information on how to work on themselves. This means that their back pain goes away longer and if it recurs they have a way to work on themselves.

The trick is to go slow and at your own pace that your breathing allows. Don’t just roll up and down aggressively. Hang out on a spot. If you need to prop yourself with pillows or bolsters feel free. Also keep in mind that a little goes a long way. Much upper back pain could be helped in as little as 5 minutes a day. Feel your way through this and if the foam roll itself is too firm or feels sharp then put a towel over it possibly folding it several times. This will dampen make it less sharp and cushion you a bit.

Enjoy and I hope your upper back feel more open.

Be sure to check out the neck blog post and video as well. The two areas are interrelated.

How Do I Get Started With Thai Massage

I get regular phone calls and social media contacts from students trying to figure out where to get started studying Thai massage. When you work with me I’ve done my best to distill 15 years of practice into a seamless experience. While many students will do best with in person classes I think they severely underestimate what can be done online with distance education as we have it set up. Here’s what it looks like:

First we have a free workbook. If you haven’t downloaded one get started now.

Second we have an online subscription service with 80+ hours of video instructional content. When you join you get an additional online live interactive class once a month and access to our private facebook group to ask questions and get more education. You can subscribe to the Reboot™ Insiders Club here.

Third we have a full series of workbook and dvds. So far we have 700 pages of sequence manuals and 6 dvds (we’re finishing another 3 as you’re reading this) available with detailed step by step instruction. Each workbook goes along with the videos step by step to walk you through complete sequences. These materials really go inside my practice and show you how I’ve been working in the last 15 years. They took me 7 years to create and distill the information to make it as clear and succinct as possible.

We currently have a payment plan and you can purchase that full retail package here. (For paper goods we only ship within the U.S. Alaska and Hawaii.)

These can be started immediately. It’s the quickest and fastest way to get started today!

Beyond that we have ongoing in person group classes. We have classes coming up in Round Rock, Dallas and Houston, Texas as well as Fort Smith, Arkansas. You can register for those classes by scrolling down to the bottom.

Let’s say you want in person private training. Please text me so we can arrange for that. 512 905 2298 I charge $80/hour with a 3 hour minimum for private training. I can also do this via webcam if you need private distance training and will work with you on the time as I don’t require 3 hours for that.

Hopefully that gives you a good start. There are tons of questions and we go over this regularly. I try to make the answers as simple as possible for students and provide the highest quality education in Thai massage at what I believe is also some of the least expensive and highly engaging online presentation. Our subscription service is taking the massage industry by storm. No one has ever seen anyone give away so much and beyond that $7/month is a complete steal.

Get on board the subscription service today. It’s the best deal in our industry right now for education. We’re building to offering CE credit as fast as we can.