What kind of mat do you use

What Kind of Mat Do You Use?

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I’d been waiting on this sort of post for awhile. With so many changes in my business students kept asking me to have my own merch my own mats and as much as I like the idea the business isn’t large enough to go into that sort of retail shipping packing etc. I buy most of my work supplies via amazon and have made companies lots of money.

In the back of my mind I kept going, “why don’t you set up affiliate links?” Of course it’s just a matter of time and mostly what these links do is save you time. I get to promote the products I specifically use and make a small cut. So, here’s the list and I’ll update this periodically on my FAQ as well.

I use two of these mats (4×8) to make a large 8×8 mat connected via their included velcro. The come in multiple colors and you can also select a larger size that goes to 10′. These are light foldable and nearly perfect for what I do. I can take one for an outcall with it’s included handles then make a large mat by connecting the velcro included.

I’m picky about mats for functionality. You need enough softness for your knees and client comfort but some push back for a compression on a client. At around $160 for two I can buy a new set each year and give the old ones to students. These are ideal.

Sheets & Sheet Holders

Bed Scrunchie

Using the above mats I need Cali King flat sheets to cover them. I find these work well with nice colors that don’t fade and the sheet scrunchie allows me to tighten or snug the sheet up so it doesn’t come off of the mat or bunch up. I don’t mind if the sheets aren’t snugged for a client but for filming I think it just makes things look nicer and more clean for photo and video production.

The bed scrunchie is what I currently use to snug the sheets to my mat. Because the 8×8 mat is not a standard bed size it’s a bit of a squeeze and I prefer the cali king sheets since I have more fabric to allow me to connect the scrunchie with.

Here are the blankets I just purchased. These are thinner than my original ones of unknown origin and I’ll sample more over time and update as I try different ones. They’re not bad but they’re not as thick as what I currently have.

I hope that helps. I’m adding other posts on the cameras or electronics I use. 🙂

I didn’t want to mess around with Austin allergies anymore. I decided to get a heavy duty air filtration system to improve things. 🙂

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