I Want To Take Your Class Then Teach Thai Massage

Messages come through my inbox regularly and we’ve worked hard in the last ten years providing Thai massage and education in the Austin area as well as many states in the U.S. As the practice grows what I increasingly hear is, “can I take your class then train others?”

I have students sign contracts specifically preventing them from using my materials or sequences to go and teach others using my curriculum. I cannot prevent anyone teaching Thai massage as Thai massage has no legal distinction in the U.S. Anyone with a massage license can legally watch a youtube video and put Thai massage on their menu of services.

Let the buyer beware.

One of the reasons I’m branding what I do and moving slowly away from Thai massage is the lack of quality control. What I teach is not traditional. What I teach includes pain science, yoga therapy, myofascial release, self care, marketing, packaging, suspension, advanced abdominal work, sales and client care. We will hopefully soon have a registered trademark and a succinct curriculum to put students through.

I’ve been teaching for well on ten years and I’ve not even come close to finding an end to what I’m offering. So you understand regularly licensed massage therapists get a session and completely freak out after receiving work from me. They announce, “what you do isn’t Thai massage!”

When I ask they always tell me that I don’t follow a sequence. I then laugh and say, “sequences are for beginners. I just work on you.”

Thai massage will continue to be in odd murky legal waters. Regulation is a regular consistent thorn in my side. Remember massage therapists will receive my work and declare that it is not massage. When I ask if I can legally go teach the yoga community they say, “oh shit. They don’t have licenses.” I smile and conclude the session.

It is unknown at this stage whether we will offer an XYZ™ certification for Thai massage or Table Thai. We will find out in time as we work on infrastructure. Just remember many can teach you Thai massage but spend a few hours watching my youtube videos. We’ve pushed far beyond tradition.

Do I Need A License To Do Thai Massage?

I get this email once a week and need a standardized template response. This blog post is likely to be edited and revised over time.

You want to do Thai massage without a license?

Here’s the problem. Each state in the U.S. has different laws and we’re increasingly teaching internationally. I can legally teach anyone for $7/month worldwide. You can start now. With a million sets of laws I’ve no idea what it and is not legal. You being in AZ I don’t know that states particular laws how they are written interpreted or even remotely enforced.

If you do a google search for Thai yoga therapy or stretch therapy in AZ or any other state you may see that many may or may not use the word massage in their marketing. From a brief glance it does not appear that they are licensed.

Here’s the deal. I can teach. I can share. I can perform massage in a state I am licensed in. I can also often travel to your state and teach anyone I choose. I cannot in any way shape or form encourage or promote someone working doing massage without a license in a state that requires licensure for that practice. I do this for my own legal protection and usually tell you what I tell all students.

I do not know the law in your state. Get a lawyer. #bettercallsaul

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