Why Study Thai Massage with Robert Gardner?

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Occasionally I get phone calls or emails from potential students who want to know why they should study with me. This is always a loaded question because they presume that they already know what I’m teaching if they’ve studied some Thai massage with other teachers. They already know what I do right?

Usually I find this to not be the case. I’m mixing and blending Thai massage, yoga, yoga therapy, advanced abdominal work, pain science, trigger point therapy and myofascial release into sessions that are 3 hours long. This isn’t massage. It isn’t Thai massage. It’s a Reboot™.

I’m happy to talk with students and place them in class where they can pick up what I do but I’m just as much a yoga teacher as I am a massage therapist. I’m not going to use a table, cream, glide or nudity in my sessions. What that means in the larger culture is that though what I do is bound by massage law it’s not really considered massage by the population who’s been sold massage as an hour long cream and glide session on a table.

If you want to study with me you want to break all of the rules and help people while doing so. You’re an iconoclast and you’re ready to subvert the dominant paradigm.

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