Thai massage in Austin

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Often people ask what Thai massage is? I’m finding more and more that I’ve learned my way into a spot that most don’t understand or find themselves aware of. Thai massage isn’t massage in the same way that swedish and deep tissue is. Thai massage is done clothed on a mat on the ground and resembles passive yoga more than some sensual oiled session most massage therapists provide.

Thai massage has its place within western bodywork at this point and I’ve little doubt that in 30 years time it’ll be as ubiquitous as swedish and deep tissue are. I loathe to think massage therapists are ending their careers far too soon by working ineffectively and abusing their hands. Thai massage helps me make use of my feet, heels, toes and knees in a way that was liberating when I first started using it.

Over the holidays try this Thai neck massage out on friends and family. If their response is, “oh..that’s really tight or that feels really good” you’ll see why Thai massage is spreading. It’s extremely effective and easy to use.

If you’ve never had a Thai massage give yourself a Christmas treat and schedule a session. There’s no reason to continue having back pain. Call to schedule. 512 905 2298

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