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I went to Yogagroove for Bikram yoga last night and had a good class. I felt fairly strong and limber throughout. In the last 6 years my body has opened more and due to the recent master cleanse there’s less to push against. Having lost body fat I feel stronger, having burned off anything that was bogging me down.

When I arrived home my wife teased me about waking before she does the following morning. It’s not uncommon for my sleep to be deep but I’ll wake early. This could be due to extra blood flow to my thyroid and parathyroid or just due to exertion in a hot sweaty room. It’s frequent enough for Andrea to notice whatever the cause.

Sure as rain I woke at 6am and could see Bikram Choudhury driving his Rolls Royce around Beverly Hills giggling at me. If you’ve never tried Bikram hydrate well and remember that the first obstacle is the heat. Yoga is a good practice and regular Thai massage adds to its effect.

If you’re in north Austin, I practice at Yogagroove.

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