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When teaching Thai massage the most common question I get is, “What is Thai massage?” When I’m asked that all I can think is you’ve been getting substandard table massage. I’m biased but ten years experience makes me believe it’s still the best bodywork on planet earth.

Thai massage is 2,500 years old and said to have been invented by the Buddha’s doctor. It’s a healing art so deep that much like yoga I doubt I’ll ever exhaust the potential contained within. Not only do I believe Thai bodywork can help alleviate or lessen common medical conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, arthritis and chronic pain but I also believe it can lift your spirits. If you’re not spiritual, no worries there’s no mumbo jumbo speak going on. I know what I know. When you integrate your body, next comes your mind and spirit.

This short video is a sampler from my Introduction to Thai massage class. Thai massage is massage but it’s bodywork. Thai massage is larger than any label you give it. It’s done on a mat on the floor traditionally and I’ve spent ten years scouring the planet to find the best and this in my not so humble opinion is it folks. If you know of something else, let me know, I’ll be learning that soon.

A new client had a Thai session with me recently and just kept saying, “awesome.” She further commented that she felt this was the best bodywork she’d ever had and couldn’t imagine that she’s lived this long and not received it. That is why I decided to teach. This work is too good to keep a secret.

Class is this Friday, see you then.

Special thanks to Patrick Marron, Katie Krieger, Audra Schimek, Bret Rogers and Allen Hudson seen in this video.

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