Lomilomi Massage in Austin Texas

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Jason Bratcher is a colleague and friend that I wanted to interview and talk shop with. He’s had a practice for many years and works in a polar opposite form of table based work called Lomilomi. It’s originally from Hawaii and the pacific islands. It typically involves lots of oil on a table and tons of glide.

Jason can be contacted via his website.

I really enjoyed this series of talks. After he did his wonderful demonstration of the long fluid strokes involved in his work he had a conversation about business where we went over some the details of social media marketing. I’m a huge fan of video production and this is where Jason’s work really shines. I’d no idea before our get together that it was so visual.

Therapists like Jason and I are committed to helping the massage community diversify and offer niche services like Thai massage and Lomilomi. I’m very happy to have him as a colleague and hopefully we’ll shoot more content over time. It’s a good excuse to get together and chat.


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