Lomilomi Massage in Austin Texas

Jason Bratcher is a colleague and friend that I wanted to interview and talk shop with. He’s had a practice for many years and works in a polar opposite form of table based work called Lomilomi. It’s originally from Hawaii and the pacific islands. It typically involves lots of oil on a table and tons of glide.

Jason can be contacted via his website.

I really enjoyed this series of talks. After he did his wonderful demonstration of the long fluid strokes involved in his work he had a conversation about business where we went over some the details of social media marketing. I’m a huge fan of video production and this is where Jason’s work really shines. I’d no idea before our get together that it was so visual.

Therapists like Jason and I are committed to helping the massage community diversify and offer niche services like Thai massage and Lomilomi. I’m very happy to have him as a colleague and hopefully we’ll shoot more content over time. It’s a good excuse to get together and chat.


Ask A Massage Therapist

I recently did a facebook live called Ask a Massage Therapist and decided that this in its own simple way was the answer to many of the issues massage therapists have in their industry. I’ve decided to see if we can build a movement of therapists who use facebook live to educate. I’d like you to join in.

1: Do a facebook live on Monday called: Ask a Massage Therapist.

Make it 10 minutes or so and just ask your fans and followers to ask any questions they have about our work and respond. You can make posts in advance to let people know that you’re going live to build some buzz.

I hope it builds into a large movement.

2: After the fact you can share your video and results in the Massage Entrepreneurs group on facebook.