What is Thai massage pt.4

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Thai massage is old world asian physical therapy. You’re not having a client do exercises but the therapist is helping extend range of motion in joints, softening muscle tissue and allowing the nervous system to idle in neutral.

Many people are keyed up. Modern life in cities is a constant blur and trying to remain sane is often a struggle. To say we’re scattered is putting it lightly. In yoga I’ve heard teachers talk about what it means to embodied. As a yoga teacher and practitioner I completely understand that process and its value. Thai massage allows me to give clients a small taste of that.

Life can be fun, full of joy and you can have less pain. Being in your body, enjoying the sensations of a therapist compressing muscle and moving you around can produce warm, glowing, nurturing sensations. In a culture where people touch little and have high degrees of back pain, Thai massage is desperately needed.

Low stress, better health and a more integrated sense of well being? Sign me up! Thai massage is the best.