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Mental states have much to do with our success not only in life overall but dealing with our health. For many years I’ve been a pessimist. My feelings about humanity, our species involvement with the planet and our direction have left me feeling lacking many times. Pessimism is taking in life and presuming that the worst will come. I admit I’m not as pessimistic about individuals but about society as a whole.

Over the years I’ve noticed my perspective change. For the first time I’ve become an optimist. I’ve had thoughts that surprised me, thoughts where I looked down the road to something seemingly bad and said, “oh, that’ll turn into something good somehow.” More than anything I consider myself a realist. I don’t wish for rose colored glasses but illusion does no one any good. Ridding myself of notions has been a matter of repeatedly changing perspective and then realizing that I don’t know everything. Variables prevent the scientific method and they prevent our selves from forming strong conclusions due to lack of information.

As my health improves, as I age and learn what I do not know I’m able to settle into a far happier place. This place can often be where paradox lives. Optimism and pessimism all live in perspective, my suggestion is to continue to change it.

A client with some health issues was asking me for assistance. I told her that I’m happy to give her bodywork, happy to teach her yoga but in her particular state Bikram yoga would be a huge asset. She was told calmly that I’ve no wish to keep her as a client, that I prefer she get better, move on and tell her friends I assisted her healing process. I do not operate a revolving door.

This frankness, this direct expression of a client not being another paycheck to me is necessary. When you work with me, you work with me. All of my flaws, foibles and errors of judgement are included in that. I continue to shift my mental states along with my health. Healers must be honest with themselves and honest with clients.

I smiled as I pulled into Yogagroove for my regular Bikram yoga class only to see my client leaving the studio after practice. She’ll not need me for very long if she keeps going. This is good and life helps me become an optimist.

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