You take it with you

Most days I do a little yoga. I may not make it to a class or teach a class but there are usually back bends over the couch while playing poker online. Getting up I lean against the wall and do 1/2 downward dog and work on my bad left shoulder. My alignment continues to improve and my body seems almost miraculous. I practice yoga, practice Thai massage on clients and keep going.

I get little aches, irritations, mental disturbances and even touches of you should do more but I keep at it. Slow and steady wins the race but over time at 34 I see myself getting better, not worse. My body changes, my responses more sharp and my nervous system quickens. I can process information more clearly, make decisions founded in logic while allowing my intuition to flow. Trying to work on marketing for Thai massage in Austin and Round Rock I find the space that feels there is integrity, ethics and financial stability. Logic and emotions in balance.

When there is no time for a yoga pose, I’m still breathing. Working with my breath I’ve just gotten used to the ebb and flow. You increase the inhale, relax the exhale, reverse…repeat ad infinitum. Like the ocean waves crashing against the beach the breath goes on forever, unceasing. In a yoga class I remind students to breathe, alignment instructions are given and I encourage the students to continue exploring their breath. How does an inhale make the pose feel different than an exhale?

Over time the rhythm is changed. The musculature is strengthened and full breaths are taken with less effort and strain. What you work on on the mat goes with you. Slowly over time and with practice your rhythm evolves. Your breathing takes you where you need to go, a place with better posture, better alignment and the ability to calm yourself consciously. Yoga doesn’t just happen on a mat. When you practice long enough you take it with you.



This recipe always makes me feel like home. It’s wonderful party food and a great way to use leftover turkey after Thanksgiving. Follow the instructions about how to cook the rice, that’s the most important part of the meal that people seem to mess up. Don’t pull a Bobby Flay.

Eat well. Winter is coming.

Master cleanse finished

Today was the 11th day and I broke the cleanse by having miso soup and sushi for lunch. I felt fine for most of the cleanse and had no issues. Occasionally I was hungry in the evenings but I drank a little more lemonade and was fine.

The saline was fine and I continued taking it in the mornings before I had things to do except two days where it wasn’t feasible due to time. Overall I consider it a success. I’ll post a video in a day or so once I’ve settled into a normal eating pattern again and discuss if there are any additional changes. People often find that they have a shift after a cleanse sometimes accompanied by insight into their lives or something that’s been stuck.

I encourage you to explore the master cleanse on your own without judgement. Remember it’s your body, go at your own speed.

Thai hamstring rocking

This video adds to what we’ve done earlier and includes a soft rock to open the hips. Thai massage involves lots of stretching of the hamstrings and musculature around the base of the spine and pelvic bowl. Long term this creates flexibility and strength in the musculature to respond to changes while being active.

Whether you’re a runner in north Austin, Texas a soccer mom in Round Rock or practice acro yoga in south Austin, Thai massage can help you get where you need to be physically.

Chicken stock

This is the recipe for the stock that we made from our chicken skin and bones that were leftover from roasting the birds. It’s very simple and consider buying whole birds in the future to make use of this recipe. The birds are cheaper purchased whole and you get more for your money.

Master cleanse day 6

I’m a day past this but I’m still doing fine. I’m anxious to finish, wrap this up and move back to cooking and food again.

Thai massage hamstring

Use this and the information from my other thai massage video for friends with low back pain. Using the feet to open the hamstrings saves your hands and allows you to apply a broad firm pressure. Always feel comfortable and relaxed while you’re working.

If you’re in Austin, contact me to get a thai massage. You won’t regret it. Invest in yourself and your body.

Roasting chickens

After our brine our birds are ready to be roasted. The pan contains carrots, potatos and celery. We roast at 425F for 30min then an hour at 325F. I don’t use a meat thermometer anymore, I’ve done this so many times I know the birds are done but feel free to use one if you’re unsure. The birds should be 165F at the thigh.

We have two more videos in this series. Stock and then chicken and sausage jambalaya. I love how the meals flow into one another.

Master cleanse day #4

I never realized the master cleanse has such a frenzy of hate mail online. You’ll get every doctor and scientist telling you it’s horrible but there’s this other cleanse you can do with a link to something you purchase. I’ve only ever done a water fast for three days or the master cleanse. For me it’s more about the exploration than a set destination.

I don’t intend to lose any weight and if I decide to eat due to ill feelings I don’t flagellate myself for quitting. It’s about exploring your relationship to food and what it means. How many times in the past few days have I had an off feeling and wanted to go to the fridge? Most of the health issues in the first world are due to excess, not lack. When’s the last time you saw some kids with scurvy? We see obese people every day.

Long term I’m not sure what the benefits would be to doing the master cleanse. That is, I’m not doing it for a month. I’d like to make it the full ten days and I’m doing fine so far. If in doubt, stop. Read all you can, learn and grow. When on the cleanse, listen to your body. I do this with 8 years of yoga behind me. I’m in full health and have no major medical issues.

Take what people say with a grain of salt, particularly those who’re trying to make a dollar off of it. If I get hungry, I drink a little more tea. I stretch, I breathe. I’ve even kept up with work so far.

Thai massage at home #1

This video shows a stretch for the hamstrings and piriformis that’s good for low back or hip pain. If your loved one is complaining about low back issues try this one out. It’s extremely simple but very effective for lumbar spine problems. The musculature of the gluteals and piriformis form a tight grip on the sacrum and if it’s pulled out of alignment low back pain is common. I’ll be posting more of these that you can add together as a small routine. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Thai massage doesn’t seem extremely common in Austin and I hope to change that. The more the public is aware of what it is and the differences it has from table massage, the better off we’ll all be.

Master cleanse day 3

Today has been interesting. I had work then the family needed a grocery store trip. It’s always odd to have not eaten solid food in three days then wander the halls of mass consumption wondering why we need so much food in America. Near the 5th day my memory is that food barely sounded appealing but I suppose that shifts over time.

I feel light, airy. I’m occasionally absent minded but I’m alert and aware of my surroundings and body in new ways. Doing some yoga in the living room I’m limber and my stomach certainly isn’t in the way.

The saline wasn’t a challenge this morning. I’m unsure what the change was but I downed it in two tries. I’m hoping that things will continue as they have. I look forward to delving into my yoga more during the week.

Master cleanse day 2

Today has been fine. The worst part is the saline rinse, I’ve never found it easy to drink that much salt water. I plan on making the rinse tonight and leaving it in the fridge to cool over night. I’ll also drink the saline first thing in the morning, you won’t want to go anywhere for awhile.

My senses are sharp. My pupils are slightly dilated and my nervous system feels stimulated. My sense of smell and touch are heightened and I’m in a clear head space. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.