Master cleanse day #4

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I never realized the master cleanse has such a frenzy of hate mail online. You’ll get every doctor and scientist telling you it’s horrible but there’s this other cleanse you can do with a link to something you purchase. I’ve only ever done a water fast for three days or the master cleanse. For me it’s more about the exploration than a set destination.

I don’t intend to lose any weight and if I decide to eat due to ill feelings I don’t flagellate myself for quitting. It’s about exploring your relationship to food and what it means. How many times in the past few days have I had an off feeling and wanted to go to the fridge? Most of the health issues in the first world are due to excess, not lack. When’s the last time you saw some kids with scurvy? We see obese people every day.

Long term I’m not sure what the benefits would be to doing the master cleanse. That is, I’m not doing it for a month. I’d like to make it the full ten days and I’m doing fine so far. If in doubt, stop. Read all you can, learn and grow. When on the cleanse, listen to your body. I do this with 8 years of yoga behind me. I’m in full health and have no major medical issues.

Take what people say with a grain of salt, particularly those who’re trying to make a dollar off of it. If I get hungry, I drink a little more tea. I stretch, I breathe. I’ve even kept up with work so far.

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