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In working as a massage therapist I’ve encountered so many people and so many bodies that I’ve built a mental catalog of structural issues and things that cause musculoskeletal pain. When I began my work years ago I would ask clients questions, “What do you do for work, play, exercise? Where are you experiencing tightness or pain?” I began to dislike the answers I was given. The reason was that after about 500 clients I already knew what the answers were usually. Upper back and neck pain are the most obvious and I dedicated years of my life to studying the problem, working on my own pain from a whiplash and scoliosis.

Ten years later, I know what I’m doing. I still learn new things, new approaches and methods but I’m highly skilled at what I do. I’ve gone beyond just being a massage therapist. If someone tells me I’m just a massage therapist my hackles raise. You’ve not understood my teaching.

If you come to see me for bodywork I’ll do everything I can to help you. This includes the Thai massage you’re receiving but I’ll tell you to start doing yoga. Not if or maybe, I will mention it. It’s rare that I do not. I can have you be a regular client and help you, we can give you another massage. Bodywork is wonderful but active and passive forms of care are best and work together.

So here’s the deal. Do you want another massage or do you want to get better? If you want to heal, the best way to do that is take what I offer and work on your own healing. That is what I teach. It’s you. You can heal yourself. I’ve done it, continue to do it and best of all I can eat whatever I want. No worries or anxiety about food. My body hurts less, my joints improve, I dare say I’m mostly mentally stable and honestly yoga has helped me be one of the sanest people I know.

It’s not just me. Yoga is a tool. Use it. Bodywork and Thai massage are as well, use them. I teach and offer them both. I can give you the map, but you my friend must follow the path.

I’ll see you soon for your Thai massage and yoga class here in Austin and Round Rock.

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