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I notice themes after 43 years.

I was hit by a drunk driver and did what I had to to survive and get out of pain. Then I passed that information onto an entire of industry of massage therapists who fight struggle strain get carpal tunnel syndrome and declare me unprofessional.

A colleague at a local massage school told an educator they were working with me and the teacher said, “oh yeah Robert, we’ve heard good things about his work but he’s….controversial.”

I don’t act right. I don’t speak right. I don’t tow party line or kowtow to tradition. Your traditions nearly killed me and led me down a path towards oxycontin and heroin addiction.

I’m pain free. After being hit by a drunk driver at 22. I never Really wanted to be a massage therapist. I wanted to be free of pain. I wanted to share what I’d learned about being pain free. For that? I’m likely one of the most hated educators in our industry.

It’s ok though. I’m in good company. Socrates was put to death for corrupting the youth. A rabbi I know of was crucified because he helped people healed people and didn’t instill a tradition but broke them down.

What else do you expect from me? I don’t break any laws but I do resist your rules. Rules laid down by a very sick culture.

I teach what I do for nearly free. I mentor for $7/month. I do interactive livestreams to raving fans who are helping people and receiving top notch education while I’m told it’s impossible to learn online.

It is possible. I will show you the way. Now let me and my fans go have fun.

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