In Person Classes

In Person Classes

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My business during covid has had to transition. I was already leaning on online education quite heavily and when brick and mortar business declined I spent enough time massaging a keyboard and computer to wind up with 4 camera angles, graphics and anatomy on screen with wireless filtered audio.

It’s not perfect but we’re about to unleash a new pc and 3 new cameras to that same setup. Listen to me and read this 3 times:

I can livestream to you every day for several hours a day 365 days a year.

In person classes in my practice will never recover to their pre-covid levels nor should they.

I’m running hybrid classes. I can teach you for 50 to 75% less $ and I can do so in the comfort and safety of your home or studio.

#CEParty is the future of massage education.

1 person has to pay and they get CE credit from NCBTMB but anyone else? 5 friends? 3 colleagues? All of them can train with us for free. Feel free to negotiate splitting up the fee with colleagues.

4 camera angles. Wireless audio. Anatomy on screen. We’re about to improve this but this is the “bad” version. The version that’s not as high quality.

I will continue teaching in person as time and safety permit. We have Introduction to Thai massage for 18 CEs coming up in March. The payment plan is 3 payments of $98.99 and includes the shipped workbook and dvd.

Sign up now to learn mat based work in depth.

I still offer in person private training. It’s $80 an hour and I usually max at 6 hours a day. If you want to fly into Austin to study let me know.

512 905 2298

Robert 🙂

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