Online Massage Education

Online Massage Education

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I got an email from a subscriber who was going to unsubscribe. She wasn’t using the prerecorded video in our vault and we were currently doing a multicamera livestream, a new offering in my teaching. I’m working with her to give her the value she needs to stay and continue learning but many Lmt have been told the following lie, “you can’t learn massage online.”

I think about this often as I used to believe the same thing.

I’m a bodyworker and yogi first. I work with flesh.

Making workbooks dvds then social media videos for youtube began to shift my mentality as I noticed that I kept getting messages about how much xyz helped someone online. This person had never been in my physical presence but found benefit from what I was doing. If they can how far can this go?

I decided that even With online disadvantages (we all agree that in person 5 year long apprenticeships will be better 🙂 ) online was something I needed to improve. I’ve done that.

When we released a subscription our #1 question was, “what’s a subscription?” Students didn’t understand how we were putting together information for people and they mostly still don’t. I had to tell people, “it’s a video subscription. We’re the netflix of massage education.”

Multicamera livestreams are more groundbreaking more innovative and it will take years for our industry to understand what’s happening right now. It will be dismissed for now. Long term our world will have to contend with what I’m sharing and with nearly inifinite capacity to reduce class costs and scale information worldwide I will find those students willing to go the distance.

I can offer real solid education for pennies on the dollar and at nearly 20 years in my industry I’m excited to see what the next 20 holds. In 2040 I will be 63. 🙂 I look forward to what technology will allow me to do then.

For now, subscribe if you have not and see what the future of online bodywork education looks like.

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