Is Massage Healthcare?

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As my practice develops I continue to challenge myself to improve my craft. I couldn’t perform the highest quality bodywork in settings under someone else even medical ones. Every work environment I encountered had practices that prevented clients from receiving  the best bodywork for their issues. Insurance will only allow an hour etc.

To allow customers to receive the best work I had to create Reboot ™. My own challenges with my health led me to blending elements of yoga, yoga therapy, Thai massage, myofascial release, MacKenzie rehab exercises, pranayama, trigger point therapy and self care into a cohesive whole. It’s amazingly effective for pain management but it never gelled until I was in solo private practice. Your insurance company will not pay for what I do. To be frank, doctors, physical therapists and other healthcare providers did nothing for me and based on what I see in practice they’re often doing very little for you. The treatments I see are often we have these pills or we can perform a surgery. Those are wonderful options and I’m a fan of science but American healthcare is a shambles.


My sessions are 3 hours and are the equivalent of the manual therapy a physical therapist might provide if they took the time to. This is an art. I’ve dedicated my life to what I do and I’m still learning as I go. Clients with chronic pain related to car accidents, sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome and other things they feel a massage would never help regularly improve from my work. It’s a great honor to provide nonsurgical carpal tunnel relief but as a massage therapist in our culture it’s a challenge to convey what I do and why.

What you will notice when you get a session is that:

There is no massage table.
You do not get undressed.
I use my legs and feet to perform deep compressions in addition to mobilization of your limbs.
The session lasts 3 hours.

What I basically just told you is that what I do ***is not considered massage in any way in our culture.***

Law in TX says that massage is manipulation of soft tissue. What I do is legally massage but it looks nothing like the sessions consumers get at local establishments. It’s more effective for most chronic pain that’s muscle and tissue based but is it part of healthcare? I know it’s healthcare but it’s too outside of the usual framework to bill insurance for. If you’re ready to improve and work on yourself I’ll be here in Round Rock waiting to help you.

Are you ready to Reboot ™?

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