What Is Reboot ™?

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We’re gearing up to start offering Phase classes of my Reboot ™ curriculum. Students and the public are asking questions and I hope to provide answers with some website changes and a plethora of videos that demonstrate what I’m teaching and why it’s so important for the public and massage therapists.

When Reboot ™ is mentioned the first question is, “I thought you taught Thai massage?” Fundamentally what I’ve developed is based on the biomechanics of Thai massage but the theoretical framework is completely different. Although my work is based on a foundation of Sen lines (you can see those in the Intro to Thai massage workbook I give away for free) I interpret those lines in a completely different way than what I understand from other teachers. As a westerner I felt it my duty to push forward, innovate and do the best bodywork I could create. That bodywork has nothing to do with tradition and everything to do with clinical experience and a desire to continue learning about pain management and pain science.

Reboot ™ classes and certification means that I’m also teaching a massage therapist elements of yoga, yoga therapy, pranayama, anatomy and physiology, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, self care and rehab exercises blended into a cohesive whole that is easier for the client to pick up and use. This isn’t asian. This isn’t tradition. This is innovation in America.


The deepest respect I can pay to tradition is to take what I know and move forward. I’m going to take you along with me. Consistently what I see is that there are two groups of people who freak out after having sessions with me. The first are those in chronic pain who didn’t realize they could find relief. The second were massage therapists themselves. When I worked on them they inevitably got up and said, “I don’t understand what this is.” I often ask them questions to clarify and when I ask if they didn’t like the session they often reply, “It’s amazing but what you just did isn’t massage. I don’t know how to describe it.”

It’s not magic. It can be taught. It’s good bodywork, patience and care over years of practice and pattern recognition. I’m not just trying to help clients. I’m trying to take a massage therapist from poverty to affluence while helping their clients lead pain free lives. I’ve had many teachers along the way. Some who’ve I’met in person some who I’ve not.

My best two teachers were a drunk driver and poverty. The drunk driver taught me pain management. Poverty taught me business. My struggle with both means I know our art and business from the inside out.

The challenge isn’t whether I’m going to change the bodywork industry in the U.S. The question is whether you as a client or student are ready to Reboot ™.

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