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My My sessions are deeper than deep tissue and I can help your back pain. If you want to get better, come see me. This is the best bodywork in the world and it can help you become whole and stay that way. I draw from 19 years of hands on experience in Thai massage, yoga, massage therapy, Yoga therapy, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and working with chronic pain clients. The bodywork I provide helps improve structure and function so you’re pain free longer and educated to stay that way. See my videos for more information.

I’m not currently taking new clients but if you have an emergency contact me by calling or texting 512-905-2298

Service Options:

  1. Full session (average 3 hours and custom tailored to you and your needs.) $300.00
  2. Belly session (1.5 hour session of advanced abdominal massage.) $150.00

I look forward to working with you.

Robert Gardner

Robert Gardner

Robert Gardner

Thai Massage Therapist