What is Thai massage?

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I get this question more than anything regarding my work. There isn’t really a category for what I do. I’m a yoga teacher, bodyworker and cook but really what I do is take my life’s work and offer it to you. If you have posture problems and back pain I can help you.

Thai massage is far too vast a subject for a single blog post but maybe this will become part one of ninety thousand. Thai massage is in short, the best bodywork I’ve ever received. I’ve devoted my life to practicing it along with yoga to pry apart the secrets of the human body and healing. In that ongoing quest to help myself I’ve become a wonderful person along the way, whatever seed was there originally has sprouted and is producing fruit.

I work on someone with back pain in ways they’re unfamiliar with. I move you around on a mat while clothed on the floor and stretch, press, pull and knead all the tension away. When you walk out of my office you feel taller, less encumbered and closer to how you felt when you were a baby, you could stand but without postural tension and distortion. The physical connects to the spiritual. I use the handle I’ve been given, the body. “The body is my temple and asana are my prayers.”~~BKS Iyengar

People often wonder how I know where to press or what to stretch. I can only communicate my experience over the past ten years. I’ve had more pain and aches than I care to remember but out of that reservoir of experience emerged a healer. I can unwind the patterns because I’ve experience unwinding them in myself. My maps are yoga and Thai massage. I had to travel the path though, otherwise it’s just images on a page.

You can take the journey as well. Thai massage is the best bodywork I’ve received and I’ve scoured the US and various states looking for more. If I find anything better I’ll learn it and start teaching it in addition. For now if you want the best massage in Austin or Round Rock, Texas you come to me. If you’re a massage therapist and want to learn Thai massage you come to me as well. You can settle for less in a bodyworker and healer but with the stress of family and jobs don’t you deserve the best? Isn’t it time you felt less pain and let someone help you feel good regularly? That, my friends, is what Thai massage is as well as yoga. It’s a path to healing.

Get a session before Christmas by calling soon. I don’t have much space available. Business is busy.

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