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Pondering massage therapy Austin, Tx I’m blown away. I’m up way too late and I’m teaching an Intro. to Thai massage class tomorrow. Seven years in and when clients ask me who I see for bodywork I hang my head and tell them it’s why I started teaching, I need someone to work on me. None of the therapists I’ve met over the years have the skills I need to access what’s inside my body and work on me as I would work on me. It’s not ego, just fact. If you’re reading this, and you’re the bodyworker I’m looking for, please contact me.

The state of Tx has CEU requirements for it’s massage therapists that are half what they were in my home state of Louisiana. I need bodywork on par with what physical therapists provide. In Louisiana that gap wasn’t that large, I’d fallen into a group of Highly skilled Thai massage therapists and my teacher and her students could work on me if I needed. Here in Austin, Round Rock…I hear an echo.

In discussing business with an associate I tried to describe the marketplace I’m in and the utter frustration of it all comes pouring in. What is the use of selling a Lamborghini when everyone announces that their Toyota takes them where they want to go? Anyone can go to massage warehouse surplus but who wants to see what bodywork can really do?

What is Thai massage? To me that’s like asking who is Jesus. It’s the thing that let all the light in and showed me life was worth living. It can do the same for you.

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