Master cleanse revisit

I wanted to settle back into a normal eating pattern and discuss any changes from the cleanse this time around. I lost about 10lbs on the cleanse, 2-4 of which I’ve gained back now that I’m eating again. Overall there was no epiphany this time around, no huge mental changes. I do notice that my yoga practice is more nuanced and due to the decreased size of my belly I could go more deeply into some yoga poses, particularly twists.

The overall benefits of the cleanse still far outweigh any negatives. I’m eating smaller portions, have more of a sense of when I’m full and am focusing on eating higher quality food. All good things.

My family and I have joined Johnson’s Backyard Garden as CSA subscribers. Look for recipes using their produce in the future. The last several days dinner has just been large salads. Drought in Tx meant that my gardening went to nothing so it’s nice to have fresh produce again.

The cleanse is good, go slow and at your own pace. Listen to your body.