Neighbor as Self

I watched and listened to this latest video and I’m glad I’ve chosen to shoot, edit and distribute content on my own. This freedom means I can discuss whatever I care to and whatever is on my mind at that present moment.

In this video I discuss yoga, some of its energetic underpinnings and also touch on how I came to the practice. Energy flow and a release of physical tension lead to a clearer sense of self and a calm nervous system allows us to listen to others easily. With this new found calm you can begin the process not only of sitting meditation but making life itself meditation.

When discussing yoga in a western culture there are many stumbling blocks. If someone tells me they are a Christian and therefore cannot do yoga my hackles raise. If God who created you wishes you to be in back pain, have poor health and the inability to use the temple he’s given you, then he’s simply not much of a heavenly father. Sounds more absentee to me.

That may be a harsh statement but consider that for ten years I look around and see suffering. Jesus came to remove suffering. Much like my teacher I’m here to help do the same. That’s why I teach yoga and practice Thai massage.