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I had a conversation with a colleague and student and while discussing our businesses and doing massage sessions he asked how many clients I see a week. I casually mentioned, “around 4” and he was in complete shock.

“That’s it? Just 4?” I said in reply, “well consider that now I have other streams of income. I have workbooks, dvds, subscription service and I teach in person classes. In addition those 4 clients represent 2 full days a week and 12 hours worth of sessions a week. $240 X 4 is $960 a week.”

He relaxed and just kind of took it all in. I realized long ago that I simply couldn’t serve all clients and had no desire to do “massage” as most labelled it. I’m the therapist that would work on my own chronic pain. Soft tissue and pain relief is what I do. In our culture that doesn’t have a name.

I love working on clients but as my practice grows my joy is building and helping more therapists thus expanding what I do on an exponential scale. I have a subscription service and teach..worldwide.

Thinking about it recently I started to wonder what I would do about clients. I need to see some. I need to continue honing my craft. It’s not really a good idea to not see clients at all. That’s like a chef that doesn’t cook or a hunter that never goes out into the woods. So, what do I do about clients?

First I think I take down my online scheduler and start a waiting list. My scheduling page will include some info about why I’m not currently taking more clients and there’ll be a spot to give me your email address fill out some pertinent information about why you want to see me then **choose** who I can work with based on need desire compatibility and a host of other criteria.

In addition I plan on having info about some of my colleagues/students who I can refer people out to. They’ll be happy to get the additional clients and I’ll be glad to have some pressure removed as my business continues to grow. It’s a new chapter in my work and I’m looking forward to helping more people on a massive scale.

Many in my industry refuse to advertise. They won’t Really build a business. They’re just limping along and playing instead of taking the bull by the horns. I can feel their, “what if I fail?” in discussions and all I can think is that I don’t really remember ever failing. Something just didn’t work. So I tried again with a slightly different twist. That’s just life. Try again. Failure is working a job you hate for a boss you don’t like and spending time complaining about a life you don’t want to live.

I choose my poison.

My poison is entrepreneurship. 🙂

I’m helping students advertise and build funnels. They’ve no idea what’s going to happen when these are done. If they ask me about it I say, “listen. If I shut down All of my revenue streams to focus on clients I’d run ads on facebook and instagram and I’d be booked out for 3 months.”

I’ve never done it. I’ve never once run ads for clients. I had enough. I was building multiple income sources and seeing clients as I could and when I could to keep building. Time? Money? The frustrating part is when you’re running out of time but not..quite..making..enough to scale to the next thing. Patience? Oh that is by far The most frustrating part.

Sure you can credit/debt your way out. You can risk it. You can run 30k in ads and take a risk but one of the things I find most funny is a business that has a 100k ad budget? Boring! Someone with a dream and no $ to speak of? That’s exciting!

The grind. The hustle. The American dream.

That’s what I love. Someone with religious fervor that their product or service can make lives better? That’s the stuff. I’m going to keep building that and that takes time. Which is to say again, be patient.

Invest your time first. You have more of that. When it starts to run out invest some $. When you’re doing a bit of both and having a balanced happy life? Keep doing that and pace yourself. Good things take time. Dreams particularly in the business space take people. It takes their dreams as much as yours. So long as you profit. So long as you can build just keep working and hopefully soon you can be a therapist with a waiting list.

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