Massage School Promises

Massage School Promises

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Massage school and how things run in the massage industry are interesting. You have to have a license and to get that license you have to go to an official accredited school, if in the U.S., mostly regulated state to state. Going across state lines or online are nearly non-existent and if you try to cross state lines you’re going to wind up in an odd bit of mess as each state has their own rules and credentialing process that may not agree with the neighboring state.

Texas has a 500 hour curriculum and let me be clear that I don’t fault schools for what they’re teaching. They have to torque and load anatomy physiology health and hygiene into students who often just got out of high school. I’m no huge fan of public education to begin with but they aren’t given much of a starting point. With only 500 hours what can they cover?

Just the bare basics.

What I teach is considered “advanced.” I mash on people for a living and move them around. There’s more art to it than that but at its basics I can teach anyone worldwide for Free for their first month and for $7/month after that.

My work is completely mat based clothes on and can done publicly. To be completely honest I’m told regularly that it’s, “not massage.” When I ask if then I can teach and share with anyone since it’s not massage I hear a deafening echo.

Live in Kenya? Great. Want to help your village friends? Awesome. Do you have internet access and $7/month? I fill in the gaps you won’t get in massage school. I tell it like it is because no one owns me. I speak my truth and tell it like it is. You can see 424+ hours of it on my subscription. That’s raw curse laden truth flowing out in unedited raw footage that anyone can learn from.

Will I stop? No. Will I continue growing and developing? Yes. Will it change and evolve? Absolutely. I refine it as I keep sharing.

The reason what I teach is different is because I’m not teaching therapists how to survive. I’m teaching them how to thrive. I’m teaching them what the massage schools don’t have the time energy or incentive to teach and I do it for $7/month.

The massage industry won’t look the same when I’m done with it.

As our industry has grown it’s being strangled by regulation and intruded upon on a million fronts because massage therapists won’t evolve and change our industry from inside. People do after all what they’re trained to do. My job is to retrain you. I have to clean out the cobwebs in therapists brains and ask why we started wanting to do “massage” to begin with.

Why did you go to school?

Why did you pay 10k or more in student loans to learn to massage people?

My goal isn’t to have clients come back. My goal is to have clients better so they don’t need me anymore.

Most schools out of necessity teach the basics and then send you onto large corporate massage change facility. What did Pink Floyd say, “we don’t need no education we don’t need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom hey! Teacher…leave those kids alone.”

Do I think massage education is bad? No absolutely not. Do I think core curriculum could be improved? Sure but even massage school owners believe and are working on that.

I decided to do it myself. Out of my garage. Less authoritarian. More autonomy. More freedom and certainly more capacity to help people in ways our industry currently thinks unimaginable.

Are you an excellent student? Are you the iconoclast? Do you want to push beyond massage? Do you want to help me tear down the wall?

Otherwise you’re getting prepped for the sausage grinder.

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