Why Get a Massage When You Can Reboot™

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Potential clients are sometimes confused about what it is that I offer. As a massage therapist in the trenches of the massage industry even my colleagues are confused by what I’m doing and offering. There’s an opiate epidemic in our country that few massage therapists are discussing. Reboot™, in my 15 year clinical experience, is better at helping people in chronic pain.

What does it help? Carpal tunnel syndrome. chronic arm and shoulder pain, chronic back pain, sciatica, mysterious pain of unknown etiology, severe menstrual cramps, adbominal pain, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic headaches and a host of other maladies.

Sessions are 3 hours long. You’re clothed on a mat not naked on a table. I will apply little if any lotion or cream. Confused? So are the bulk of the massage therapists around me. Come get a session and see for yourself.

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