Tim McCoy and Robert Gardner Talk Thai Massage

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Tim McCoy and I have been colleagues and friends in and around Austin for over 7 years at this point. Tim was looking for something and apparently part of it coalesced into the Thai massage I was teaching years ago in central Texas. Tim loves table based work but as a Brazilian JiuJitsu practitioner he kept commenting on the fact that I put clients in soft joint locks and worked tissue in a therapeutic way that looked awfully similar to the martial art he’d come to know and love.

As Tim and I continued to grow and teach he often was a teaching assistant for classes while working at Massage Harmony an Austin original spa that was one of the first facilities to add Thai massage to its menu of services. He’s got his own educational challenges now as a teacher and it’s great to see how far we’ve both come over the years while mentoring massage therapists in our area.

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