New Classes

The new studio is shaping up nicely. I had my first yoga class in it last night and though we need to still do some unpacking and organizing I think the space is going to be wonderful for the classes we’ll be having.

Looking at trends and listening to student feedback I keep hearing some common themes like these:

1) CEU classes are too expensive.
2) I’m going to burnout or injure myself due to excess massage work.
3) Client retention is poor.

When I hear these I’m puzzled, then I remind myself, I don’t really work like other people. I’ve had the same issues but I escaped. The reason I escaped is because I focused on Thai massage exclusively and diversified my work to include education and teaching yoga.

In an effort to work with students I plan on offering a once a month (to start) CEU class that’s only 2-3 hours. Each class will probably focus on specific subject matter like: carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet, marketing for massage therapists, Thai for the table, postural assessment, trigger point therapy for common ailments and Thai foot reflexology.

The ongoing Intro. to Thai classes and further Phase 1,2,3 classes will continue but this will give therapists with more time and money constraints more access to high end education. Also note, my blog and youtube channel are full of free education. Use it! You can also come to the Thai massage open practice tonight at Casa de Luz. Join the Austin Thai massage group on facebook to keep in touch.

See you soon!