Thai massage for feet

Thai massage is the most simple yet effective bodywork I’ve ever experienced. Clients walk out feeling taller, more aligned and often give me this look of “how did you do that?” I can tell they’ve never felt this way before, didn’t even know it was possible. I’ve made it my mission to make sure everyone knows what this work is and why it needs to spread to every spa, chiropractors office and private studio in town. If you’re not getting Thai massage, you’re selling your life short.

This sequence is easy to follow, watch it with a friend and practice along.

People have extremely tight feet. Toes in particular are very tight and immobile. The pulling and stretching we do to the muscles that run underneath the arch create space for the bones and move the toes through their range of motion. Feet are often cramped inside shoes so there isn’t much mobility.

Energetically feet are the bottom of the body, the foundation. In Thai massage we encounter eastern theories about chakras and in traditional Thai massage we’re working on the feet first, then move ourselves up through the rest of the body. The feet have much to do with the alignment, balance and foundation we feel in the rest of our lives. Don’t forget, to teach his disciples Jesus washed his students feet. Keep that in mind while you work.