Teaching Thai massage

In teaching Thai massage I’ve a daunting task. How does one pass down the traditional bodywork of a people whose country I’ve never visited? I’m a Scots-Irish kid from south Louisiana, I’m from the land of gumbo not coconut curry!

I learned Thai massage from a well trained and thoroughly versed teacher over the course of two years and was a teaching assistant for her classes in three different states. When I called my teacher one day and said, “I want to teach.” She just told me to, “Go! You know it, go teach.” That was enough for me.

In the midst of sharing this work I’m sharing ten years of in depth study of anatomy/physiology and my yoga practice. Everything is being slowly distilled into my students and I give the meaty chunks of the work, little is light or topical. A vein of ten years worth of practice is tapped to help people with posture problems and back pain. If students pay attention and absord what I’m passing along it’s no longer just Thai massage, it’s Thai massage from a western bodyworker and yoga instructor. That’s to say, you’re getting far more than you pay for.

Students can save their hands, work more efficiently and learn things that will help their clients long term. It’s not just a single session, we’re educating them so they can educate their clients. What we’re really teaching isn’t Thai massage, it isn’t western massage, it’s healing. Healing has no copyright and can’t truly be taught. I pass along techniques, you pick them up and with heart centered focus use them until you intuitively grasp the healing that can be done.

Yoga isn’t just learned in India, nor Thai massage in Thailand. Healing is where you find it. If you want to learn Thai massage, take a class with me soon.