Connecting with Clients

As a massage therapist there’s a huge amount of public image that goes into our work. After all, when I sell bodywork I’m essentially selling myself. People come in and interact with me based on a huge number of factors. I strive to be professional and respectful to clients and I always tell them that I’ll give them 110%.

Over time my personal facebook is less personal and more business as people find me online. My business facebook is a constant ongoing ticker tape of news and updates about my business dealings and growth. I noticed on online facebook groups that massage therapists fancy themselves to always be publicly calm, serene and all their meals are healthy.

I can tell you that my business has grown through effort, hard work and that includes work on myself. I eat well, do yoga regularly and just like you, struggle to remain calm. I don’t teach yoga and practice bodywork because I’m the most calm, enlightened or smart person around. I do these things quite frankly because I have to. My body hurts but I work on it. To be brief I teach what I know. I don’t share what I learned in a book, I share what I’ve learned from life.

At the end of a week of dealing with clients, students, stress, strain, clients tales of broken relationships, job stress and back pain I sometimes sit down to a beer. You may find me in the line at Whataburger every once in awhile. Beyond that you might find me at the local comedy club saying things you’d never hear in session with me. When I’m done with clients for the day I may be playing ac/dc and eminem in my car on the way to the local bar. Doesn’t mean I’m not a good yoga teacher or massage therapist. It does mean that just like you, we’re all trying to deal with complex lives and our stress load.

You’re human, I don’t expect anything less than your foibles. Accept the same in me. I’ll see you soon for another Thai massage.