The holidays are upon us full force. While we’re eating turkey, being thankful and celebrating with family remember these can also be stressful times of the year. Bodywork and yoga are your friends, use them.

People sometimes tell me when they find out I’m a massage therapist or yoga instructor, “Oh! Of course, you’re so calm and relaxed, no wonder you went into that for a job.” I often giggle and respond, “Relaxed? It’s taken years of hard work and breathing with focus to Learn to be this calm.” I didn’t just arrive at decent health and more calm, I worked for it.

Riding in a car with a friend I realized I got extremely anxious. I was worried they weren’t watching the road and it dawned on me that all these years later, I’m still more nervous when other people drive. In the car accident I was in, someone else was driving so there’s this fear, this anxiety about loss of control. Even I get stressed and have bad days. Yoga and bodywork is how I deal with it.

These traditions have been maintained and passed down because they work. Don’t forget them over the holidays.