Thai massage for hands

Hands that get constant use also need regular tlc. As a massage therapist the work I do with my hands keeps me going, allowing me to work on clients without concern that I’m harming myself in the process. Thai bodywork in particular allows a therapist to work effectively using more of your body and leverage to save my digits and carpals.

In this sequence we show a simple to use and learn set of techniques to work on hands and forearms. This opens the carpals and stretches tiny muscles in the hand that are often tense causing hand pain or tingling fingers. The traction to the fingers decompresses joints and creates for space for free flow of blood and nutrition to your hands.

The model in this video is Erika Maassen, a local musician. Her dog Maggie is featured in our how to massage your dog video from a few weeks back. Erika plays ukulele, piano and guitar in addition to spending time at a keyboard so the work we do on her hands is greatly appreciated and helps keep her performing.