Thai massage upper back

I spend more time working on upper back problems than anything else. The junction between the upper back and cervical spine is one of the most dysfunctional areas of the body and the stresses and strain of driving and working at computers will keep me busy with clients for years to come. Fortunately these issues are easy to address once you know what you’re working on.

The paraspinal musculature that runs along the spine is often over stretched like a bow string or tight as it’s pulled along the lamina groove. Pressing into these muscles feels good to clients and slowly helps restore normal undulation and movement to the serpentine structure of the normal human spine. Backbending and scapula retraction also make a huge difference long term.

Rememer to take it easy on your thumbs as you work on someone. Rome wasn’t built in a day nor were good spines. Honor your own body and joints. Use muscle and body weight and don’t overtax the joints in the small structures of your hands. Leverage and adequate use of body weight are what allows Thai massage to be so effective. Move and bring the client along with you.

Try this on friends and family, they’ll thank you.