Myofascial Pain Trigger Points pt.8 Coracobrachialis

I’ve had pain in my arm for so long I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to not have pain. I’d worked trigger points in subscapularis, infraspinatus and subclavius but still had some lingering pain. I was completely blown away when I found coracobrachialis.

My arm rotation, I’m happy to announce, is much greater and it’s improving slowly with ease, care and work. It feels nice to have my arm back after ten or more years.

When you work on the trigger point go slow. The area feels exquisitely tender and as I mention in the video be sure to use the pad of your thumb. No stress in the hands is needed and coracobrachialis is fortunately easy to access. Pull the elbow down into your side and you’ll feel the muscle pop up, relax the arm then press gently. Start in the middle of the arm then move slowly, purposefully into the armpit near the coracoid process.