Reboot™ and the State of Massage Education

I give talks periodically at the Lauterstein Conway Massage School here in Austin, TX. As a continuing education provider and entrepreneur it’s always interesting to walk into a class full of students and see where they’re at mentally. 15 years in my industry and I’m now 40 years old with a solid grasp of what’s going on in the massage world.

Some talks make me inordinately angry, others hopeful. Talking to students full of enthusiasm is one of the things that keeps me going. Wondering if I’m connecting when discussing branding for massage therapists who are taught to dole out a commodity is something I’ll continue to do. There are usually a handful of students who come up after a talk with questions knowing innately that there’s more going on that we just don’t have time to discuss in a 30 minute talk.

The state of our industry is that Massage Envy helped create inexpensive low priced massage for the masses. For that I sincerely thank them. My suggestion to students is to now go artisanal and sell services no facility can match. If students wonder what Reboot™ is it’s because no one does it no one teaches it and the bulk of the public doesn’t look at what I do as massage.

What I do is help those in chronic pain put their lives back together when soft tissue and muscle is the cause.