Honoring the Cycle

My wife Andrea and I often have conversations about biorhythms and in particular sleep patterns. She does much better when she can wake and sleep as needed and nap in addition. I’m pretty much the same and a bit of a night owl. Over time we’ve worked with each other to create as much space within our work lives and personal time to allow for that much needed rest.

I’ve had to learn to nap since I grew up with some odd protestant work ethic that meant naps were for lazy people. Once Andrea and I moved in I realized that when I did nap, I was more alert, calm, centered and did far better quality work post nap. The nap itself, improved work. The siesta exists for a reason.

I gain weight in winter, slim in summer due to dietary changes and exercise levels. My mental clarity is best in the evening when others are already in bed. Over time I’ve learned to just go with it. It’s why I can write a clear blog post at 1am.

Honor your body and your cycles. Don’t resist so much. Sleep when you’re tired, eat when you’re hungry and listen to your body.