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Well it’s bound to happen sooner or later. I caught a cold or virus that threw me for a loop this past week. My wife Andrea went to a fiber festival and picked up a bug that was like the 12 monkeys, ebola pox, andromeda strain. She does great fiber work and both of us were stuck around the house and unable to even enjoy each others company. Nothing like smooching on someone who’s all congested.

Wife’s fiber site

In the midst of my sickness I sat on the couch, watched lots of horrible tv and played poker till I became a statistical analysis machine. I made huge leaps in my poker theory and practice but my body is very sluggish at the moment. I believe my lymph is used to being moved around due to activity and in a week, I don’t think I did a headstand. That’s a big change for someone who does them multiple times a day. I even cancelled a few clients, something that nearly never happens.

I remind myself regularly that it’s ok to blunder, ok to get sick and even more ok to communicate I’m not at my best and I’ll see you later for your yoga class or Thai massage session. I work hard, very hard. This includes some manual labor. All that wonderful pressure you enjoy, my joints supply that. My muscles do the work, it’s not digging a ditch but it is manual labor. Those great alignment tips I give, that takes mental focus and close attention to detail. My work is good, I love what I do but when sick, take a break.

I’ll rest when I need and I suggest you do the same. We’ll leave sluggish to the slugs.

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