Ebb and Flow

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Andrea and I have been working on trying to figure out buying the home we’re in for some time. We’ve never been fixated on purchase but it was always in the back of our minds. We have limited income, our businesses both operate out of the house in addition to its being living space.

We finally got word that our offer on the house was declined and someone else has purchased it. Time to move!

I announced to my yoga students last night that we had to be out of the house by March 1st. They didn’t make a sound. I was struck by it, expecting to hear whines or complaints. I teased one of our students about not having to do yoga anymore and Toni, one my most die hard students said, “Oh no, we’re doing yoga if we have to do it outside on the lawn.” I guess sometimes you reach students who won’t let you quit.


So in one month we have to move out completely. There are many things up in the air at the moment. We have to find and possibly buy a house in addition to moving our businesses and setting up shop elsewhere. The one thing that amazes me is we’ve taken almost nothing and built something. We had an old abandoned rent house with holes in the windows and grass as tall as me and not only made it better, we made businesses that grew out of it.

My Intro. to Thai massage class this weekend has 14 people in it. I’ve had to work 2 years to promote and grow my business in order to do that. I’m on the verge of real financial success, the kind where you pay for advertising instead of do it all for free on facebook.

Sometimes things ebb, sometimes they flow, just make sure you don’t grow too attached and always keep moving.