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Years ago while doing research on Thai massage I discovered something called Acro Yoga. Looking at a few photos I thought, “that’s like Thai massage but the gravity is different.” Like many things I run into online I put it aside, just another fact running through my head.

At some point I was made aware that there was an active Acro Yoga community in the Austin area. I found a group on facebook and joined just to see what was being passed around. Occasionally there were posts about Thai massage and as I continued reading over time things became more clear. I invited some of the community in for a Thai massage class I was having to be bodies, demonstration partners for the class. That my friend is how friends are made.

I’ve kept in touch with one friend in particular through this venture and soon after the class an Austin Thai Massage group formed on facebook. They were particularly interested in what I do and I joined them for an evening. I was immediately asked to lead and taught a little. Relishing their enthusiasm for Thai massage I’ve continued working with them and have become friends with many over time. They ask questions and I give it away, it’s a donation, the only time I’m giving away what I do out of care for the tradition of Thai massage.

Acro Yoga Austin

We had a slumber party retreat this weekend and the attendees do various forms of Acro Yoga and Thai massage through the night and next day. Everyone is friendly, fun and personable. The touch involved in partnered activities forms a close knit group of people I’m growing to care for deeply. This isn’t work, this is healing community. Thanks so much to the community for allowing me to join your ranks. Thanks also to those who came out this weekend.

Acro Yoga Austin back bend

I look forward to delving into Acro Yoga more. The traction that it allows the human spine is amazing. Acro Yoga is Thai massage exponentially more free, we’re changing the gravity and letting your spine grow long. One day maybe I’ll be teaching Acro Yoga and offering therapeutic sessions to clients.

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