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Looking for the best massage in Round Rock and Austin, Texas? I provide Thai Massage, Yoga, and Yoga Therapy featuring individual sessions and classes with 14 years of clinical experience in chronic pain management. I make this work easy, accessible and affordable for all students and clients.

Do you have chronic low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic headaches, severe menstrual cramps, low back or neck pain? Are you an athlete who needs real bodywork for optimum performance? Do you work at a desk and need massage to help with poor posture?  I can help!

Are you a massage therapist trying to figure out how to make more income, save your hands and work more effectively?  I offer classes designed to be accessible to anyone- even if you’re not a massage therapist. Be sure to
check out my classes

If you have any questions or just want to connect,  Contact Me

Robert Gardner

What is Thai Massage?

Watch this short video to learn more…

Free Introduction to Thai Massage Workbook

I’ve spent the last 12 years developing the techniques and sequences in this FREE Workbook.  If you enjoy the free content in this workbook, be sure to check out the accompanying Thai Massage Videos available for instant download!

The Free Intro to Thai Massage Workbook includes:

  • History of Thai Massage
  • How Thai Massage corrects most low back pain
  • Sen lines explained- including photos of the lines overlaid on a model
  • Detailed photos with descriptions of how to perform each technique
  • Sequence flow for both prone and supine positions

All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter that goes out about once a month.  You’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription.  Once you opt in, you’ll receive an email with a link to download your free workbook.

Please note: I hate spam and I don’t share your email with anyone- so rest assured that your information is safe.

Sign Up Here To Get Your Free Intro To Thai Massage Workbook

Also, check out the Intro to Thai Massage Videos


Yelp Robert Gardner Wellness Thai Massage   Lynn W.    Yelp Reviewer

… Robert is an absolute professional, used just the right amount of pressure and gentleness, and stretched me out completely.

Facebook  Staci P.    Facebook Reviewer

…  He’s very focused on helping people get better… Not just for a little while but for good. His Thai Massage is unlike anything else I’ve ever tried …

Yelp Robert Gardner Wellness Thai Massage   Michael Z.    Yelp Reviewer

… I’m now spoiled and don’t want any massage other than Thai- or any therapist other than Robert!  I highly recommend Robert for both his classes and his massage sessions!

linkedin robert gardner thai massage in round rock, tx    Ly N.    LinkedIn Reviewer

… I left the session relaxed, feeling more flexible and less tightness … I will return very soon to see Robert, and I am excited at the prospect of getting further pain relief from his expertise…

Schedule Online

Easily schedule a Thai Massage online at your convenience.  My full availability is view-able online.  If you don’t see a time that works for you, Contact Me

Thai Massage Classes

I teach Thai Massage, Yoga, and other classes locally in central Texas as well as all throughout the country.  Be sure to check out my new and upcoming classes.

Online Store

Download videos, register for upcoming classes, and sign up for private consulting through the online store.  Check back soon for more videos!


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