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Welcome to our free online video series designed to teach you how to work on your friends, family, and loved ones safely. No need for oils—learn how to provide effective massages using your legs and feet to save your hands while delivering deep relief.

What You Get:

Comprehensive Prerecorded Course

✅ 1 Hour of Detailed Video Instruction: Focus on upper back, neck pain, low back, and hips.

✅ Expert Guidance: Join Kristen Lumsden and Robert Gardner as they lead you through step-by-step instructions.

✅ Practical Techniques: Learn to use your body weight and leverage to provide a deep, therapeutic massage.

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Unlock unparalleled skills in pain relief and elevate your therapy practice with our top-tier course.

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When you sign up for our video vault subscription, you get access to over 1,000 hours of classroom instruction. Originally designed for licensed therapists, it’s simple enough for anyone to learn from.

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The subscribers’ vault is absolutely free for your first month and only $7 a month afterward. Cancel anytime and keep your partner massage class.

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 Be one of the first 100 signups and receive a very special bonus.

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Save Your Hands

Learn techniques to work on larger individuals without straining your hands.

Feel Relaxed and More Mobile

Experience the benefits of massage for both the giver and receiver.

Effective Pain Relief

If you have nagging pain issues, we’ll show you techniques that are more effective than what you might get from a professional massage therapist. We share our secrets for everyone to use.

Learn from Seasoned Educators

Detailed anatomy lessons and safety precautions included.

Accessible Training

Easy, clothes-on, and accessible for anyone.

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Train with the best

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