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Don’t Teach Thai Massage

Those are the famous words of an MBA student when I spoke with him years ago. As a struggling upstart that consists of a staff of one, I needed business help. A client referred me to someone who said they could chat with me about business to help me figure out how to improve things. When […]

Would You Give A Man A Foot Massage?

I use lots of facebook groups like MassageNerd group to gather information and insight on my profession. Over time it gives me a chance to see various themes and perspectives on the massage industry. Here are some of the topics that massage brings up again and again: sexuality, intimacy, communication, hygiene and homophobia. The following […]

Want To Get Better?

As I’m finishing writing the Table Thai workbook I’m amazed at all that’s going on. Classes in different cities, community classes at Blue Honey Yoga, private practice is booming and all the while I feel less like a massage therapist every day. I suppose these changes are normal growth, small turbulence in an active practice. […]

Spine Care and Disc Herniations

Disc bulges and herniations are horrible to deal with. Having worked with clients with chronic back pain I feel the utmost compassion for those in pain. Typically there are soft tissue components to disc herniations and those are the ones I help with as a bodyworker. By stretching and helping align the soft tissues we […]

Migraines and Chronic Headaches

I’ve worked for 13 years and butted my head up against many an issue in an attempt to try to help people. One of the things I’ve seen over the years that I’ve had almost no success with have been migraines. Chronic headaches I’d get some improvement from neck muscle work but migraines are the […]

Without a Net

Someone asked me the other day what I do in a 2 hour session. A 2 hour massage seems unfathomable to people. In a country where the average massage is a standard hour people wonder what secrets you must pull out for a longer session. I politely told the client that I do the same […]

Q & A #1 Tail Bone Pain

Hey, Robert, I have a problem that you might be able to help with, given your therapeutic expertise. (in all actuality, I suffer from a variety of physical problems, as you may or may not be aware of, so by way of caveat here let me just state plainly that I am not seeking “medical” […]

The MassageNerd Interview

I had my interview about Thai massage in the U.S. tonight. It was nice to finally get a chance to speak to Ryan Hoyme commonly referred to as the MassageNerd. He’s become a celebrity of sorts in massage circles in the U.S. Looks for more videos soon.